Automatically Copy to Clipboard While Selecting Text in Firefox

When you spend a lot of time in front of your computer, many small actions performed repeatedly can add up to a lot of wasted time. The worst of these small offenders is the copy and paste… so how can we simplify this in Firefox?

The AutoCopy extension will automatically copy to the clipboard any text you select, and allow you to paste it with a middle click anywhere in Firefox.

All you have to do is select the text you want to copy, and it will be copied to the clipboard right away.


You'll notice the new icon in the status bar, which will let you change a few options or open up the full options panel.


There's lots more options in the options panel… you'll notice the keyboard shortcut options as well.


Once you get used to this extension, you'll wonder how you lived without it


Automate Adding Bookmarks to

I use to store all of my infrequently used bookmarks, but I've found that browsing by tag just isn't very efficient for me. I always use a full text search through my bookmarks to find what I'm looking for, so what I'm really looking for is a single-click save solution similar to the star button on the Flock browser.

Greasemonkey comes to the rescue with the autotag user script, but the problem is that you can't edit the bookmarks by clicking on the tag button, because that script always immediately submits the form, and also duplicates the tags.

I've created an upgrade to the script that fixes those problems. Just like the first script, it will automatically add the popular and recommended tags:

Here's the details:

  • Automatically enters in popular or recommended tags, submits the form and closes the pop-up window.
  • If the bookmark has already been saved, it will leave the edit window as is.
  • Doesn't duplicate the tags if you use the tag button more than once.

And here's the source code, in case you are interested:

var poptags = unsafeWindow['tagPop'];
if (poptags) { // test to make sure we're on the post page
if (poptags == "") {
var rectags = unsafeWindow['tagRec'];
var finaltags = rectags.toString();
} else {
var finaltags = poptags.toString();
if(document.getElementById('tags').value.length > 4){
editmode = 1;
editmode = 0;
var myarray = finaltags.split(",");
for (var tag in myarray) {
if (document.getElementById('tags')[tag]/) == -1) {
document.getElementById('tags').value += myarray[tag] + " ";
if(finaltags.length > 4 && editmode == 0){

I simply couldn't live without this script, but I wouldn't recommend using it if you like to browse by tag.

For more information on Bookmarks in FIREFOX>>>>>

Edit Your Firefox Bookmarks With Flat Bookmark Editor

Upgrade Your Live Bookmarks With LiveClick

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Add Search Forms to the Firefox Search Bar

Wouldn't it be cool if you could add search plugins for any search form to the Firefox Search Bar, instead of having to create the plugin yourself or wait for the site owner to stop being lazy and make one?

It's good that there's an extension for Firefox called Add to Search Bar that will add a new context menu item to let you create your own search plugins on the fly.

For instance, you can right-click on the search box here and then choose Add to Search Bar…

You'll be prompted to give it a name, I chose to shorten the site title down a bit.

And there we go, now I can search anything from Firefox.

I've tested this on a number of sites, seems to work pretty well… at some point I'll stop being lazy and make an official search plugin.

Upgrade Your Live Bookmarks With LiveClick

If you like to subscribe to feeds using Firefox's Live Bookmarks feature, the LiveClick extension gives you so many upgrades that I can only cover the highlights of how great it is.

On the left: Firefox's wimpy Live Bookmarks. On the right: Upgraded and powerful LiveClick bookmarks!

Now that we've set the bookmark to monitor, we'll get a notification right above the system tray whenever a new item shows up in the feed.

Opening up the LiveClick options gives you a world of settings to play with, including my favorite: Middle-click opens location in a new tab.

The Menus tab gives another option that makes me thrilled… favicons instead of livemark icons. I keep my live bookmarks in their own folder, so why not see the icon of the site instead of the same redundant icon?

In order to make sure that the Open Location function works, there's a new item in the properties for each bookmark: Location. Here's where you can set the location of the site itself separately from the feed.

If you are using Live bookmarks, this is pretty much a must-have.


Edit Your Firefox Bookmarks With Flat Bookmark Editor

If you are working on editing a bunch of bookmarks at the same time, you've already noticed the pain of having to click on a bookmark and then click Properties, and then edit the details in a popup dialog… and then close that and repeat for the next bookmark.

There's a much better way to edit the bookmarks, by using the Flat Bookmark Editor extension, which eliminates all the popup dialog editing.

When you open up the Bookmarks Manager, now you'll see a new panel at the bottom where you can easily edit the selected bookmark.


You can turn the new panel on/off by using the View \ Properties menu item, or hitting the Ctrl+P shortcut.


Note that this extension won't be useful in Firefox 3 because of the redesigned "Places" feature.

If you allow Firefox to store your passwords you might be worried about the recent security holes found in the password manager. The solution to these problems is to use the Secure Login extension to prevent Firefox from automatically filling in password fields, but at the same time giving you the automation that saves you time. In fact, using the hotkey means that this method is probably even quicker.

The regular Firefox password manager will automatically fill in the password fields for you, which gives malicious sites and hackers the chance to use javascript to read the password.


Using the Secure Login extension, you'll see these golden bars around the login credentials instead, but it won't fill in the fields automatically.


Jjust click the Secure Login button and the form will be filled and automatically submitted.


You can also use the keyboard shortcut Alt+N (customizable) to login even faster.

The button isn't automatically added to your toolbar after installing the extension, but it's easy to add: just right-click over the back/forward buttons and choose Customize Toolbar. You'll find the Secure Login button in the list.


The preferences have a lot of other options as well, like not automatically submitting the form when you click the button if you don't like that behavior. You can even customize the highlight color around the login elements.