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How often do you find a great article without the time to read it, so you bookmark it and completely forget about it? This happened to me constantly until I found the Readeroo extension for Firefox, which lets me queue pages for easy retrieval later.

Once you install the extension you'll notice a new button with a plus sign on it. This button will let you silently add the current page to with a tag of "toread" (customizable)

The first time you click the button you'll be prompted to login to

It takes a few minutes sometimes for the tooltip on the Readeroo button to appear, but normally it will tell you how many items are left to be read.

Click on the button and you'll get the next item in the queue… it's just as simple as that.

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Vista Style Popup Previews for Firefox Tabs

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Vista Style Popup Previews for Firefox Tabs

One of my favorite features in Windows Vista is the taskbar thumbnail previews, especially now that they can be resized. If you would like this functionality for Firefox's tabs, you can use the Tab Scope extension to give you a similar feature.

When you hover your mouse over a tab, a popup preview window will show up with a thumbnail of the page. Remember that you can actually interact with these thumbnails, links are clickable and you can use the scroll mouse button.

You can easily change the size of the popup preview as well by using the Tab Scope Options under Tools \ Addons. The default size is quite small, but you can make the previews as large or small as you like it to be.

I would recommend changing the wait time up a bit, otherwise the popups will annoy you as you try and mouse over the interface.

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Change Ctrl+Enter Behavior in Firefox

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Change Ctrl+Enter Behavior in Firefox

Yesterday I was wondering how to change Firefox so that Shift+Enter auto-completes *.org instead of *.net. After about a 2 minute google session, I had to find the answer to share with everybody.

About:Config Tweak

To adjust the built-in Ctrl+Enter setting, you can just set some values in the Firefox configuration to change the default from .com to whatever else you want. If you want to change Shift+Ctrl+Enter then you'll have to skip down to the next section.

Navigate to about:config in your address bar, and then filter by browser.fixup as shown here:

There are a couple of values that you can set related to this setting:

  • browser.fixup.alternate.enabled - You can use this to turn the Ctrl+Enter behavior off entirely.
  • browser.fixup.alternate.prefix - This value sets the prefix assigned before the keyword you type.
  • browser.fixup.alternate.suffix - This value sets what is assigned after the keyword. For instance, you could use this to change the default suffix to your country code, like

Use the URL Suffix Extension

If you want to configure all of the settings, including the Shift+Enter for .net and the Ctrl+Shift+Enter for .org, you can use the URL Suffix extension to configure all of them, or even set a custom value for when you hit Enter in the address bar.

Install the extension, and then open up the options through the add-ons screen. You'll see this easy to use dialog:

If you make any changes, you can view them immediately.

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Manually Remove Skype Extension from Firefox

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Manually Remove Skype Extension from Firefox

If you accidentally checked the wrong box while installing Skype, you now are the proud recipient of an extension in Firefox that you can't uninstall. Sure, you can disable it… but what about uninstalling it?

You could completely uninstall Skype, and then reinstall it without checking the button, but there's a simpler (and more geeky) method.

Removing Skype Extension Manually

The first thing you want to do is go into Tools \ Add-ons and disable the extension if you haven't already. You'll notice that there's no uninstall option, which is rather irritating… Skype is very useful, but it shouldn't pollute my Firefox.

Now close Firefox and open up a Windows Explorer window and browse down to the following location, adjusting if you installed Firefox somewhere else:

C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\extensions

In that folder you'll find another folder with the following name:


Just delete that folder (or move it somewhere else if you want to be safe), and then open Firefox again. You'll notice that the Skype extension is no more.

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How to See Where a TinyUrl Is Really Linking To
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How to See Where a TinyUrl Is Really Linking To

You've already seen them… links to left in comments, on blog posts and especially on Twitter. But doesn't it make you slightly uneasy to click on a link without knowing where it's going to take you?

There's a feature on the site that will show you a preview of the final destination URL, and there's not even a login required… it just sets a cookie on your browser.

Once on the site, just click the link for "Click here to enable previews"

And now when you click on a TinyUrl link like this one…

You'll be taken to a page on that will show you the final destination link.

If you'd like to ensure that the person you are sending links to will see the preview screen even if they haven't enabled this setting, you can add preview. before the domain name. This also works if you want to go to a TinyUrl link on a machine that doesn't already have the cookies enabled.

I found this very useful, so hopefully it'll also help somebody else.

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