A Better Browsing With Firefox 3

If cannot get enough of Firefox 2 with its cool features and superb browsing performance, then Firefox 3 will promise you more on their latest full upgrade version of this open source web browser.

Mozilla Firefox has redefined browsing experience with its tab format that has never been introduced in any web browsers. This would give users some leverage in browsing wherein one window in the task bar appearing while multiples of sites can be loaded in just one setting. And that is not all. Users can browse links of another web page through the tabs without attempting to open another application. This can save browsing time as Firefox would not load another application anymore just to open the new page. Instead, a new tab will appear for the new link making browsing in web faster and easier.

Firefox has also added other features like the incremental find, and live book marking making for an easy web browsing through contents and at the same time having adding convenience to the browsers. Also, Firefox can support a lot of web format standards including the Web 2.0 latest applications like the CSS, ECMASScript and lot more. With its flexibility and easy to use, it is no wonder that Firefox has a fair share in terms of web browsers. It has been the second most widely used web browsers next to Microsoft's Internet Explorer. And the good thing about Firefox is that it is for free. It can run in any operating systems without any signs of conflicts.

Firefox promised more on adherents with the soon to release Mozilla Firefox 3. Now on its Beta 5 release, Mozilla Firefox 3 has improved the web browsing experience with the promise of being taunted as the de facto Standard of web browsers making its position unassailable.

Firefox 3's Gecko Web platform version 1.9 has been developed for more than 2 years with its major architectural restructuring and at the same time enhancing its performance and stability. With its new reengineering, browsers will surely be satisfied on the speed and at the same time with added customized features, one's browsing experience will surely be at home with one's sense of style.

A highlight of Firefox 3's enhancement is its graphic user interface or the GUI. This would give browsers a total web browsing experience that cannot be offered by other open source browsers around.

Security enhancement is one of the highlight in this version. The current version has one-click site information. Browsers can readily get the website information protecting them from harmful and anonymous websites. Also, a site favicon button will indicate the name of the company ensuring browsers that they are not being redirected by hacked websites.

In terms of virus protection, that would be easily remedied by its malware protection features. A warning will prompt browsers when visiting a site known for its Trojan

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