How Do I Fix Firefox Flash Issues

Have you tried all the steps and still the Firefox Flash doesn't work in your computer? Undoubtedly most of the multimedia content on the web requires Flash player. Although there is a new version of the player (Flash 10) available, but a lot of people still are not able to resolve Flash crashes in Firefox. This problem is really troublesome as it crashes videos and different type of Flash content in web browsers.

Here are given a few simple techniques that have been tested and found to be of great help. If your Firefox Flash doesn't work follow these steps:

Step 1: Repair Flash, Active-X and Registry Errors

Most of the times people think that Flash crashes Firefox browser due to some virus or malware infection. However, this is not correct. The actual reason behind Flash crashes, in majority of cases, is linked to the corruption in registry keys created by the browser and the Flash player. It is, therefore, recommended to repair Flash, Active-X and other registry errors to fix Firefox Flash crash.

Step 2: Create a New Firefox Profile

Some people have found creating a new Firefox profile quite helpful. This profile allows you to import data from your old profile and start browsing with a newly installed Firefox browser. You can make a new profile here. However, this option may not be suitable for most people who are accustomed to the existing Firefox usage. Therefore, repairing Flash, Active-X and the registry errors is a preferred solution.

Step 3: Uninstall the Existing Flash Player

As we know Firefox Flash doesn't work sometimes and also makes it difficult for us to watch videos online, it is better to uninstall the Flash player and then replace it with the latest version. You can uninstall your current version of Flash player from your computer by using the official uninstaller tool from Adobe. It is very important to completely remove the Flash files for resolving errors with the application.

Step 4: Install Latest Flash Version or Install a Previous Version if the Latest Doesn't Work

It is recommended that you install the Flash 10 player which is the recent version. You can get it from official web site of Adobe. If Firefox Flash doesn't work in your computer changing the version can help you fix the issue. However, to avoid future instances of Firefox Flash crashes you shall use some good registry repairing program.

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