Transitioning To Firefox

Many of you have considered installing the Firefox browser
but haven't yet because of the unknown. Some of you may
have even tried it but went back to IE (Internet Explorer)
because no one was around to explain how to use and
configure it. Some of you have no idea why you would even
want to switch from using IE to Firefox. This article will
cover all that and more including how to create a one of a
kind unique browser just for you. You can't do that with

Because of the complete lack of custom options in IE as
well as it's constant security holes, Firefox was born. At
the time, IE was more popular than all other browser
options combined but there was no way to customize it. It's
rapid adoption and exponential user base growth was due
solely to the fact that it started out as secure, addressed
all new security issues in a timely manner and offered
users limitless was to customize it. Because it's open
source software, Firefox will always be a step ahead of IE
when it comes to stability and security.

Why open source? With the source code publicly available,
thousands of independent users can review and test it for
potential issues. With closed source browsers such as IE,
if Microsoft doesn't find a problem internally, it will
most likely be found first by a malicious hacker and
exploited. Open source software such as Firefox is more
secure and robust because so many more independent people
are reviewing, probing and testing it. Their much more
likely to find and fix an issue before it can be exploited.

What does all that mean to you? You'll know that your using
the safest most secure browser and it can even be
customized by you. You have access to thousands of other
customizations already created and you can share the ones
you may create with every other Firefox users. Firefox
doesn't leak your personal and financial information as you
use it and any issues that are found in the future are
usually fixed within 24 hours. IE is not supported by the
huge user base that Firefox enjoys so it's security issues
can linger for months all the while being exploited.

How can Firefox be customized when IE can not? Little
pieces of software called themes, plug-ins and extensions
allow you to control Firefox. There's a plug-in that lets
you keep an eye on the weather anywhere in the world as
well as notifying you instantly about severe weather
alerts. Astronomers can see, at a glance, sunrise, high
noon, sunset and moonrise as well as when the next full
moon will occur. Do those flashing banner adds annoy you?
Banish them permanently with the Adblock plug-in. You don't
have to create your own customizations if you don't want to
because there are thousands already in existence to choose
from. If you do want to create your own, Firefox will even
show you exactly how to do just that.

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